What I Learned From Malcolm Gladwell

When I first saw Malcolm Gladwell, a Canadian journalist, author, and public speaker step onto a stage, I hadn’t a clue what I was experiencing. As I stared into the screen I was watching him through, I was intrigued and fascinated by what he had to say. Malcolm Gladwell told many stories regarding sociology and phycology experiments done in the past. Then, he related them to our lives and showed how we can apply the knowledge he shared with us.  Continue reading “What I Learned From Malcolm Gladwell”

What I Learned From Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In the last few weeks, I have been working hard on a project for school on a man named Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He was a spy, pastor, and theologian working against the Nazis during World War II. As this project came to an end, I was able to see just how much his story had intrigued me and impacted me. Continue reading “What I Learned From Dietrich Bonhoeffer”

6 Things to Never Say To Twins

I would like to start out by saying that if you have said one or more of these things to people who are twins, it is fine. I am not necessarily speaking on behalf of all twins. This is just my opinion on things that slightly annoy me. Thus, you don’t have to go up and apologize to them. They probably don’t even remember you saying whatever it is you said. The truth is, every day, at Target, church, the gas station, our neighborhood, etc, my twin and I have to answer some of these questions and statements:

Continue reading “6 Things to Never Say To Twins”

Out of the Pain, Into the Music- A Personal Narrative

Out of the Pain, Into the Music

By Emmi Lu

Thump… Thump… Thump… I heard the ball bounce off the floor of the gym floor on to my hands. I was playing basketball with my sisters in the sport-court at my house. As I dribbled in place, I turned my head and stepped forward, about to pass to my teammate and sister, but I retracted, for she was being guarded by another one of my sisters. I was so close! I just needed to get past my defender, my twin sister, in order to have a chance at making that basket! I jab stepped to one side, but then, about to dribble the other way, towards the basket, I tumbled to the floor, my knee throbbing. When I injured my knee in 5th grade, I thought it was awful, but through that painful summer, I started to realize that God can bring good things out of even the most awful situations. Continue reading “Out of the Pain, Into the Music- A Personal Narrative”

Are We Actually Impacted By The People Around Us?

I am very impacted by the people around me. It’s a fact. But I didn’t really realize it until I was really forced to think about it. I was sitting in Language Arts class the other day when the teacher told us to take a few minutes to write about how teen culture influences people my age. While I was writing, I realized that people can get so caught up in their busy lives that they don’t go out of their way to see the impact others are making on them. Our lives are so consumed with trying to look good for other people that we don’t have time to think about how we want to live for God. Continue reading “Are We Actually Impacted By The People Around Us?”

Why I’m taking a break from blogging

So, here it is: The sad news we all have definitely NOT been waiting for. The news that I am taking a break from blogging. School is starting to get really busy for me, and I have so many commitments even outside of that. I am taking ukulele lessons, participating in sports, serving on student council. helping with the praise and worship team I have been a part of for the last couple years, etc. (you get the point). But I also want to make it clear that I will still blog occasionally as I have been doing in the last couple months, but it just won’t be a thing I do very often. I will still be checking my email, so if you want to comment on a post or fill out my contact form, I would love it. I hope you guys understand!

Do Humans Have A Natural Attraction To Violence?

Whether or not human beings have a natural instinct towards violence is a question we don’t often ponder. But, after much thought, I came to the conclusion that humans do, in fact, have a natural instinct towards violence, whether we realize it or not. I think this because humans seem to be generally attracted to danger and intensity. We sometimes get pulled into our curiosity of what will happen next, and dangerous acts and violence definitely do a good job at keeping us alert. When watching an MMA match or a football game, we want to know what will happen next. Also, when someone gets hurt in one of these sports, it can make us more excited because it supposedly makes the game more interesting.  Continue reading “Do Humans Have A Natural Attraction To Violence?”

A Poll!

Recently, I was thinking of ways to see what people liked to read on my blog most. And then I saw that there were ways out there to make polls and surveys for you guys. So, I decided to make one! I hope to get a good idea of what you guys want more of in my blog!

Continue reading “A Poll!”

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