The Village With No Name

This is a short story I wrote recently. It tells of the division in our world and how it is easier than we know to break the barriers between ourselves. I hope you can dig deep into the metaphors in the story and realize that Jesus can save and redeem even the hardest of situations if we only try to help others out:

Once upon a time, there was a village. It was a normal village. There were kids and adults and houses and schools and even helicopters. However, there were two things that were not-so-normal about that village. That village had no name. Also, that village had a wall around it. It was a wall made of glass, so the people in the city could see right through to the outside world. They had built that wall a long time ago to separate their village from the outside world. You see, the outside world was poor, and the people there were suffering. The people inside the wall just looked at them as if they were nothing. But why was the wall made of glass? It was made of glass so the people inside the village could look out at the children and adults and houses and schools and be grateful for what they had. But they didn’t have everything. They felt something missing. One time, some of the people living in the village inside the wall decided to go for a ride on a helicopter. They enjoyed the sight of their beautiful village, and they looked at the outside world and thought about how they were glad they had been born inside the wall. They also thought about how the people in the other city couldn’t even go for a helicopter ride, for they had no helicopters. One person on the helicopter looked over at the other city and thought about flying over the wall. But they didn’t dare. They had been told to keep their distance with those on the other side of the wall. On the helicopter ride, someone saw something. They pointed to it, and everyone on the helicopter turned their heads to look. It was in the village outside the wall. It was a child throwing a ball to another child, and there were smiles on the children’s faces. Smiles. In the midst of all the brokenness in their village? Yes. The people in the helicopter realized what they had been missing. They flew over the wall. They landed in the outside world. The people got out of the helicopter and spoke with the children. They were friendly. But not just friendly; they were joyful. Maybe, just maybe, the broken village wasn’t broken at all. Maybe, it was just a normal village with kids and adults and houses and schools. The people climbed back on the helicopter to tell the others in their village what they had just witnessed. When the people got back, they broke down the glass wall. The 2 villages became one. The one village now had a name. It was unity.

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