A Book I Just Read- Summer of Lost and Found

“I was too weak to say anything, too weak to help… Rain pelted me. I wanted to let it fall onto my tongue, I was desperately thirsty. But exhaustion wouldn’t let me open my mouth. Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink. Everything else from the skiff, my water bottle and goggles and the other oar, was gone. On the way to rest with the Pinnacle on the bottom of the sea… How are we ever going to get home?  I knew then what the answer was: We weren’t. We were lost now, too.”

Summer of Lost and Found is a mystery novel written by Rebecca Behrens. In this book, Nell Dare is planning on spending her summer in her hometown, New York City. She’s going to be a zookeeper at Central Park Zoo for a week, take tennis lessons, eat frozen treats, watch fireworks sparkle over the river, and, most of all, hang out with her best friend, Jade. However, when Nell’s dad suddenly leaves town without saying goodbye, she has to go to Roanoke, North Carolina with her mother. Spending her summer in an old historical town while her mom studies some weird scuppernong vine was not on her summer bucket list. And to make matters worse, Nell’s mom won’t even tell her what is going on with her dad, but Nell doesn’t try to get too much information because of how distraught her mom looks every time she talks about it. When Nell arrives in Roanoke, she meets Ambrose, a historical reenactor who’s fascination of the history of Roanoke rubs off on Nell. The two of them explore the island, searching for artifacts and clues as to what happened to the Lost Colonists, the first group of Europeans to come to Roanoke; a group that went missing and were never found. Also, Lila, a local girl who is desperate for answers about the Lost Colony gets in their way and tries to stop them from solving the mystery before she does. This makes it even harder to find clues. As Ambrose and Nell find out more and more about the Lost Colony, it becomes more and more clear that they are being watched. As they continue on their quest for answers, they start to realize that what they think is lost may still be found, that the scuppernong vine Nell and her mom came to see miraculously stayed alive through storms and droughts, and the key to uncovering the Lost Colony could be closer than Nell ever thought. 

Some of the themes in this book are friendship, family, perseverance, and dedication. One connection I can make is to The Giver by Lois Lowry. This book and The Summer of Lost and Found both have very unexpected endings. Rebecca Behrens, the author of this book grew up in Wisconsin, but she now lives in New York City with her husband and works as an author and textbook editor. Other books by this author include The Disaster Days, The Last Grand Adventure, and more. Lastly, I would recommend this book to readers at almost any level who love mystery novels. This book is pretty easy, so I read this just for fun. It only took me about two days to finish it. I mean, sometimes it is fun to read little kid books :). It was very intriguing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The action kept moving so it didn’t get boring, but it still included quite a few details. The book kept you wondering what would happen next because multiple things were going on at the same time. Because of this, I would give The Summer of Lost and Found a 5 out of 5 rating. I loved this book, and I bet you will, too. Find out what happened to Nell’s dad, what happened to the Lost Colony, who, (or what) is keeping watch over Nell and Ambrose’s discoveries, how the scuppernong vine that they came to see stayed alive since the time of the Lost Colonists lived there, and how the key to finding the Lost Colony is closer than Nell ever could have imagined.

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