Do Humans Have A Natural Attraction To Violence?

Whether or not human beings have a natural instinct towards violence is a question we don’t often ponder. But, after much thought, I came to the conclusion that humans do, in fact, have a natural instinct towards violence, whether we realize it or not. I think this because humans seem to be generally attracted to danger and intensity. We sometimes get pulled into our curiosity of what will happen next, and dangerous acts and violence definitely do a good job at keeping us alert. When watching an MMA match or a football game, we want to know what will happen next. Also, when someone gets hurt in one of these sports, it can make us more excited because it supposedly makes the game more interesting. 

When Romans watched gladiator games in the Colosseum, they were watching slaves and prisoners of war be killed right in front of them. They watched them fight to the death, and they did it for entertainment. Even though we don’t watch people do this today, we should still be aware of the natural attraction to violence in our world. We can take action by limiting the time we spend watching dangerous acts, watching MMA fighters, or other harmful sports, playing violent video games, listening to intense music, and FailArmy videos. FailArmy is “the world’s number one source for epic fail videos and hilarious compilations,” as stated by the company itself. This love of watching people fail displays our obvious attraction to the violence in our world.

However, another way we could view our natural attraction to violence is in a good way. Many years ago, humans had to fight to survive. They needed to hunt animals in order to have food to eat. Their natural instinct was to be violent in order to survive. So, it could be argued that our natural attraction to violence has served us well in the past, but now with all of our recent technology, we no longer have to be aggressive in order to live our lives. For instance, we have restaurants, grocery stores, and gardens to get our food from, but thousands and thousands of years ago, they didn’t have those things. Also, now we have phones for communication, but many years ago they had to travel many miles do you see friends and family. While doing this, there could be many dangerous things in their ways such as harmful animals or even violent weather. They didn’t have cars either, so they could not be safe from those things like we can today. Overall, our natural aggressive instincts and attraction to violence served us well once, but now we need to guard ourselves against our violent natures so we don’t get pulled into lifestyles that will inevitably harm us.

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